20 July 2016

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The year 2016 saw the 30th anniversary of the class of 1986 leaving Priory High School (as it was back in the day). Thanks to the medium of social media the year group decided that this momentous occasion needed to be marked by a reunion of the group back in Burscough where it all began.

A fun filled evening progressed with a wide and varied range of conversations. High on the list of conversations were memories of the school and the teachers we had then which, unfortunately we have found none are still teaching at Priory – nothing makes you feel older than finding all your teachers have retired!

It was nice to see how the school has moved on with the Brian Stone building with some superb facilities such as the drama studio and music classrooms. In all it was a great weekend of catching up and sharing memories – here’s to the next 30yrs! 2046 beckons and hey, we’ll only be 76 so we’ll do it again.

The Tour Group: left to right – Peter Gustafson, Sonia Bethwaite, Dr Clarke (head teacher and tour guide), Mike Marshall, Colette Owen, Leanda Ponsonby and Simon Daly.

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