Personal Development and Pastoral

The pastoral rooms for KS3 and KS4 respectively focus on helping pupils with physical, learning, social and emotional challenges in their lives. Over the five years they are with us, they are all likely to experience some element of these difficulties.

We are a child-centred school which operates on the basis that every pupil has enormous potential for development. It is the role of the school to recognise students’ potential, have the highest possible expectations of their behaviour and performance and support and nurture them when they experience difficulties. The school recognises the benefit of early identification of need and action in order to support and involve parents and carers in achieving academic success, emotional wellbeing, good attendance, and high standards of behaviour.

The rooms provides a supportive and safe environment and encourages pupils to explore issues affecting their lives. Pupils will be re-integrated with support where appropriate.


Student Services Team

Mrs Oliver - Assistant Headteacher responsible for Pastoral and Behaviour

Miss Holcroft - Director of Key Stage 3

Mr K Collins - Director of Key Stage 4

Mr McCarrick - Head of Year 7

Miss Daly - Head of Year 8

Mrs Statter - Head of Year 9

Miss Pardoe-Matthews – Head of Year 10 & 11

Mrs Graham – Attendance Officer

Mrs Murray - Student Services Administrative Support

Mrs Hamill - Safeguarding and Wellbeing Manager