Class Charts is an online system which teachers use to record and monitor achievement and behaviour throughout the school day. We believe in working closely with parents and one of the key benefits of using Class Charts is that we are able to securely to share your child(s) achievements and behaviours with you and so keep you up to date in real-time. If you do not have access to your Class Charts account please contact us at

Within school we monitor ClassCharts daily allowing us to celebrate success and work with students to modify their learning behaviours using interventions lead by teachers, tutors, Pastoral Managers and House Progress Leaders. 

Over the course of the year you will receive 3 reports on your child's progress and engagement in learning. There will also be either a tutor consultation evening and a subject consultation evening or two subject consultation evenings depending on which year group your son / daughter is in. 

In the Autumn term you will receive an engagement in learning report which will outline how your son / daughter has settled in to the new academic year. We report on four categories: 

  • Preparation for Learning 
  • Attitude to Learning 
  • Homework
  • Learning Values 

Each category is split into 4 judgements:

  A B C D
Preparation for Learning Always fully prepared, punctual and ready to start the lesson. Frequently well prepared with correct equipment. Frequently settles to work sensibly. Sometimes late or ill-prepared. Sometimes has to be reminded about start of lesson. Often forgets equipment. Takes too long to settle. May also be late to lessons.
Attitude to Learning Always demonstrates an excellent approach to learning, displaying resilience, independence and endeavour. Frequently displays a positive approach to learning and completes class activities. Follows instructions well. Sometimes off task or engaging in low level disruption that may result in behaviour warnings. Unsatisfactory attitude to learning, often off task and engaging in behaviour that results in warning or removals.
Homework Homework and extended learning always completed to a high personal standard. Always submitted on time. Homework frequently completed to a good standard. Frequently handed in on time.  Homework sometimes not attempted. Tasks sometimes incomplete forgotten or late. Homework regularly unsatisfactory, often forgotten or completed to a poor personal standard.
Learning Values Always listens to the teacher and other students respectfully and contributes positively to the classroom. Frequently listens to the teacher and other students respectfully and contributes positively to the classroom. Sometimes listens to the teacher and other students respectfully and sometimes contributes positively to the classroom. Regularly fails to listen to the teacher and other students respectfully and rarely contributes positively to the classroom.


Following each report students will be given opportunity to reflect on the judgements that have been made by their teachers and set individual targets within tutor time. 

In the Spring and Summer term you will receive a report that includes Engagement in Learning as well as progress through the Curriculum.