To ensure that school can communicate with parents keeping them informed during emergencies or advising of any last minute changes, it is imperative that parents provide school with a telephone number for emergency contact and an email address.

Severe Weather

In the event of adverse weather or hazardous travelling conditions the Academy will always seek to remain open with closure always considered as the last resort. School would only close if there is a risk to students and staff and it is considered unsafe to open. 

We recognise that conditions may prevent staff and pupils from travelling to school and whilst there is an expectation that staff and pupils should make every reasonable effort to attend, personal health and safety should not be compromised.

If the school has to close due to severe weather this will be announced by 7.15am via the following,

  • Burscough Priory Academy website: 
  • Academy Facebook and Twitter accounts 
  • BBC Radio Lancashire 95.5FM
  • SchoolComms
  • Lancashire County Council website

We will make all practicable efforts to keep parents informed as to the situation with school during adverse weather conditions, as we appreciate that such conditions and uncertainty places considerable difficulties upon parents.

We appreciate that during bad weather children may arrive later than normal. Parents should endeavour to contact the school office to report that they are on their way if they are likely to be delayed.

Parents acting on the assumption that the school will be closed without gaining confirmation, or failing to inform the school of the circumstances that prevents their child coming into school risks their child being registered as an un-authorised absence. Where the school is officially closed, all absence is counted as authorised absence.

Closure During School day

Should weather conditions deteriorate during the day when students are already at school and it becomes necessary for students to leave school early, parents will be notified by via School Gateway, email and text system, social media and the website will be updated. We will also endeavour to ring those parents who do not use mobile phones or the Internet.

School will not close until arrangements for the School Bus service have been put in place.

Other Reasons For Closure

These procedures will also be instigated where school has to close due to other issues such as failure of utilities (water, electricity or gas), breakdown of major equipment (e.g. boiler) or other emergencies.