Vision of our School


Burscough Priory Academy is at the centre of a community of inspirational partnerships which nurtures respectful, independent, lifelong learners working together to shape a better future for all.

Our motto, “E pluribus unum” is Latin for "Out of many, one" which epitomises the ethos of our school.


Truly Collaborative

We are a proud family of schools bonded by our Trust vision, priorities and values. We work as one team in school, across our Trust and with our wider partners for the benefit of everyone in our Trust, our families and the communities we serve.

People centred

We foster authentic, positive relationships which are based on the foundations of respect, listening, kindness, support and constructive challenge. We are approachable, open and honest.


Equity of opportunity is central to our practice and we will invest time, training and resources so that everyone is included and has the best chance to be their very best.


We are firmly committed to recognising, celebrating and investing in the individuality of all our children and young people, each staff member across the Trust and the distinct ethos and identity of each of our schools.


We believe in the promise of each individual across the Trust and will ensure we inspire, support and challenge in proportionate measure, so that we all thrive and are able to achieve our own individual best potential.