18 June 2019

We are excited to let you know that a new Burscough Priory Academy uniform will be introduced for all students from September 2019, the start of the next school year. The arrangements for buying this uniform are outlined in the communication from our suppliers, Whittakers. It will be available for purchase from 1st August.

Burscough Priory Academy Uniform

Our new uniform is now on display on the uniform page of the website.

From 1st September 2019, the uniform consists of:

  • Navy blazer with school badge
  • White shirt
  • V-necked school jumper in grey with purple trim
  • Grey trousers with BPA logo
  • OR Grey skirt with BPA badge - knee length only
  • School tie (different design for Year 11)
  • Plain, long black socks (no higher than the knee) or 40 denier plus tights (no patterns or ribbons)
  • Black school shoes Full details of the school uniform and the way in which it should be worn are outlined in our Uniform and Appearance Policy.

We have asked the current suppliers not to sell the current Burscough Priory Academy uniform anymore and we would advise that you return any unworn items you may have been sold.