17 May 2019

Here’s a heart-warming post about a true hero from Burscough Priory Academy which may just brighten up your day. Yesterday, Alfie, who is in Y7, helped an elderly member of the public who took a nasty fall when she tripped on the pavement. The lady was distressed and unable to move so was very relieved when Alfie came to her aid. He could see that she was hurt but he managed to keep his cool and deal with the situation brilliantly. He stayed with the elderly lady the whole time, reassuring her and calming her down, only leaving for a short period to get help from a neighbour. Thanks to Alfie, the lady is now safe and recovering at home. She rang the school this morning to express her immense thanks to her hero whose name she did not know. However, a little investigating revealed our modest hero was working hard in a Geography lesson.
Well done Alfie! We are very proud of you and you really are a credit to the school!

Alfie is photographed accepting praise and gratitude from Mr Berry for his actions in the community.