26 April 2023

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As many are aware, we have spent the last year working towards the Rainbow Flag Award. This month, we had a visit from one of our governors, Mrs Dicker, who visited to see our progress and left us with this statement:

"As we approach the final stages of the Rainbow Flag award, I would like to say how thrilled I am that the school is taking part in such an important project. The board of Trustees at Endeavour Learning Trust, alongside the Local Academy Council at Burscough Priory Academy, values every student in our school. As governors, we actively participate in creating and LGBT+ positive environment and are committed to opposing LGBT-phobia. We place emphasis on ensuring the physical and emotional safety of every student and we work to ensure that we avoid reinforcing gender stereotypes. We provide support for those students who ask for it, in terms of pastoral support within school and signposting suitable external agencies."