CEIAG (Careers Education Independent Impartial Advice and Guidance)

At Burscough Priory Science College we aim to ensure that all of our students in KS4 are given the opportunity to enquire about their futures.

Year 9 Pupils

Pupils are required to think about their GCSE options and the sorts of careers that particular subjects might lead them into. Pupils in all years study Careers in their Living Education lessons and also in Citizenship. Sessions in Year 9 are intended to help and guide them through the Options process, including how to write a Personal Statement and the range of GCSE courses on offer.

Year 10 Pupils

From the middle of Year 10, students are encouraged to be aware of the wide variety of colleges that will be available for them to apply for in the autumn of Year 11. We also allow students to visit at least two colleges in Year 10, and carry out Sampling Days with bespoke timetables to enable pupils to experience lessons first hand.  Furthermore, we are supported by the colleges with skills sessions to ensure that personal statements and interview techniques are embedded before year 11 arrives.

Work experience is a key component of year 10 and this helps produce ‘job ready’ adults.  Pupils are encouraged to find their own work placement and this proves popular as it begins the process of understanding and finding employment.  Work experience is an excellent opportunity for us to build our strong relationships with the local community.

Year 11 Pupils

We begin Year 11 with our key event of our Post 16 Open Evening where local colleges and apprenticeship providers come to school and deliver presentations and discuss the application process.  This is the best opportunity to ensure that your child is making the ‘right’ choice.

Assemblies and Drop in sessions are offered from the colleges and apprenticeship providers to ensure that pupils are given an opportunity to see and discuss which options are available to best suit them.  Additionally many skills sessions are provided within the PSCHE curriculum and from the colleges to support the writing of CV and personal statement ready for interviews.

In order to assist pupils and parents with this process, school encourages the use of Lancashire Interactive an on-line resource. The software is easy to navigate and boasts a range of videos and case studies which personalise the careers and enable pupils to imagine themselves in the job. Lancashire Interactive also helps to broaden pupils’ views on careers they may be interested in and to explore possibilities which they may not previously have considered.

The website for Lancashire Interactive is: