Primary Transition

Moving from primary to secondary school can be a daunting experience for many children and Burscough Priory fully appreciates that this is a very important time for students and their families. We aim to ensure the transition from Year 6 to Year 7 is as stress free and smooth as possible.

We have positive working relationships with our primary schools and pupils get chances to visit Burscough Priory to take part in numerous curriculum taster sessions. We ensure vulnerable children receive the necessary intervention required before transition to assist them in their move. All pupils starting in Year 7 will be invited to attend an Induction/Intake Day in July, where they’ll spend the day in school meeting new peers and their form tutor, with a taste of lessons across various subjects.

We are happy to show parents and children around the school during the day so that you can see a normal day in action. Our staff are also available to meet with parents or simply chat on the phone if you have any questions or concerns with regards to your child starting in Year 7 with us.

Intake Evening 2018 Presentation

First day of term

New Year 7 students should enter through the main entrance before 8:45am on the first day of term, where they’ll be greeted and directed towards the school hall. Students are grouped into a mixed ability tutor group, where they usually remain for the duration of their secondary school life. This allows the tutor to build up a detailed knowledge of your child and also provides you with a clearly identified point of contact if you have any concerns, ensuring the continuity and stability we believe is vital for success.

Keeping you informed

For your son or daughter to be successful at school it is vital that we work together effectively. We endeavour to communicate to parents any concerns as soon as they arise. If at any time you feel you need to talk to us about any aspect of your child’s progress, please contact the school.

Parents’ Consultation

During the first term we hold a transition evening for Year 7 parents. This meeting will give you the chance to find out about the key subjects your son or daughter is taking and how you can support your child’s progress.

The most important point to remember is that we operate an ‘open school’ policy. You are welcome to come into school at any time if you have any concerns about your son/daughter – academic or social.

Where possible, please try to make an appointment so that we can ensure you speak with the most appropriate person.

Daily Requirements


Every student should have a suitable sturdy bag for carrying his/her equipment; plastic bags are not allowed.Graffiti is not allowed on bags or school books.

All students should have a pencil case containing: BLACK pens, pencils, ruler, eraser, sharpener, calculator (see below), wipe board pen.

It is essential that all students have a pocket English and Spanish dictionary and an appropriate reading book, of their own or from the school library, every day.

Text books will be issued on loan, but remain the property of the school. They must be cared for. Any damages must be paid for.  All exercise books also belong to the school and must be treated carefully.   Poorly treated books may have to be replaced at the student’s expense.

Electronic devices: Digital equipment including mobile telephones/music players/games consoles etc. are not allowed out and must not be switched on in school. If an item is seen/heard, it will be confiscated until the end of the day without exception. The item will be placed in reception – See behaviour policy for further information.

Mathematics – Calculators

Each student will require a calculator to sit internal and external examinations and to help with the work in class.  As a result, it is important that your son/daughter is familiar with his/her own calculator and that he/she learns how to use it.  Calculators may also be required in other lessons.  The Mathematics Department recommends the Casio fx-85ES or similar up to date models.  These can be purchased from school via Gateway App at a cost of £8, but are also available in shops that stock this type of equipment.


Lockers are available to all students and are suitable for storing PE kits, books etc. See below for a Year 7 locker application form.  The cost is £10 for 5 years with a £5 refund at the end of year 11.  Please arrange payment via the Gateway App.

Student Planners and Homework

Each student is provided with a planner, used to record homework in each lesson and handin dates. It may also used to record achievements and to occasionally send messages home. Form tutors will check planners regularly to ensure they have been correctly filled in. Parents are encouraged to use planners to communicate to school, which will be read by the tutors when checked. As part of our commitment to working in partnership with parents, we ask you to check that homework is being recorded and completed when it is set.

Summer School

During the summer holidays, we run a 2-week Summer School which every student starting Year 7 has the opportunity to attend. Attendance at Summer School for students is recommended to assist with their transition in September, as well as having the opportunity to explore their new surroundings. Summer School is typically a very positive experience for the students that choose to attend, with positive feedback often given and valuable experience gained by the students.

Student feedback from a previous year of Summer School can be seen here.

Summer School 2018 will be running from Monday 13 August until Friday 24 August and we have lots of fun and exciting days planned for our new starters.  The Summer School day will run from 9:45am until 2:00pm Monday to Friday and will culminate in a celebration of everything that has been covered over the two week period on the final Friday, 24 August, where parents and carers will be invited to join us in celebrating the achievements of the previous fortnight. Summer School is open for any student starting in Year 7 in September 2018 to apply for.