Students need to be prepared for an increasingly digital world. Research has confirmed that appropriate home access to technology has a positive impact on a child’s educational achievements; it often motivates them to do school work by providing other interesting and engaging ways to learn. Research and other types of learning that do not require handwritten pieces are often better presented so their self-esteem grows and they can explore subjects that interest them in their own time. 

ASUS Chromebook C204MA

Tough, compact, school-ready

ASUS Chromebook C204 is designed with one thing in mind: to keep on going however tough the environment gets. Built to meet demanding military-grade standards, the classroom-ready durability reassures teachers and students alike. It’s packed with clever features to protect it in the real world, such as the all-round rubber bumper, spill-resistant keyboard and ultratough I/O ports. And with its school day-long battery life and time-saving, easy-to-service modular construction, ASUS Chromebook C204 is ready for anything!

ASUS Chromebook C204 is built to withstand everyday classroom knocks, bumps, drops and spills without damage. Whether it is dropped from a desk or the dinner table the C204 is built like a tank and will keep on going.

Please see here for the Chromebook overview and specification.

The school recognises the importance of IT facilities and continues to invest significantly in this area to maintain an infrastructure that allows students to access high quality resources to support their learning.

If you have any queries about the Chromebook for Learning Project that cannot be answered by our FAQs please contact or the General Office.


The FAQ document can also be downloaded below.

Chromebooks FAQs

Chromebook for Learning Project 2020 2021