5 October 2016

We would like to thank you for taking the time to complete the questionnaire. Your thoughts and feedback are important to the continued improvement of our school. The things you like and appreciate and those which you feel that we could improve on are highlighted below.

Attendance at the Transition Evening was: 75%

Overall 100% of you:

  • Feel the school keeps your child safe
  • Say the school has supported you child’s transition to secondary school
  • Say your child enjoys school
  • Are happy with your child’s experience at this school

More than 95% of you:

  • Are happy with the progress you child is making
  • Say the school meets your child’s particular needs

You said you liked:

  • Summer school – gave confidence and helped students to settle quickly
  • ECM offers extra support
  • Intake day was a great idea meeting their new form and Form teacher
  • School makes the children feel welcome
  • Friendly and approachable staff
  • School expectations are really clear and consistent
  • Encouraging and supportive school
  • I am happy with everything so far
  • Support for child and parent – good communication
  • First week having separate lunches
  • Map in student planner
  • Headteacher present at break and lunchtimes and is seen by the children
  • Are happy with everything done so far
You suggest we consider: Action
Lockers We will arrange for lockers to be sorted in the first week
Homework written in planners We will make sure students are given enough time to write homework in their planners
Continuity of staff There are times when staff absence is unavoidable; we always strive to make sure we have the best teacher for your child.

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